Friday, June 20, 2014

Fish Israel and Other Thoughts for Friday

Hooray for Friday!! This week my mom took Marty and I out for Froyo and I balanced mine on my tummy. The baby kicked and kicked like she knew what was headed her way. Starting her early.
We have a day trip out of town tomorrow, about as adventurous as it goes as this stage, and I am really stoked. And then Sunday we are going to watch some soccer and have our monthly Sunday dinner at the park so I don't have to cook or clean. So all in all, things are looking good for this weekend! Here are my High Five for Friday.

1. I am healthy. Albeit very large and not sleeping very well, but doing good. I am managing to get some walks in and the occasional trip to the gym. I am full on wearing Marty's clothing and soaking up all the stares like a pro.

2. My sister is moving home!!! After living in Costa Rica for the better part of the last two and a half years, she is going to be home for at least the next one. I am very proud of her for exploring a new country, working as a teacher in a new place, and meeting one very special guy who I hope to meet some day very very soon!

3. We had a great weekend out on a small island where Marty's parents have a small cabin. We chose a random weekend to go and crossed our weekend for good weather and it worked! The weather was great, we got to spend time with the fam, and we ate ate ate. Because I won't be able to get out there for the next little while, for obvious reasons, it was good to log some island time while we could.

4. I had another baby shower and have another one coming up this weekend. Baby showers almost feel like initiation ceremonies into a whole new world of mamas and motherhood. Again, the generosity of women at this stage of my life is overwhelming. Here I am with my mom and my mother-in-law.

5. One of my BFFs is coming into town for the shower next weekend and we are going to get in a Mariners game while we are at it. Mmmm... prego lady at the ball game. Can you say hot dogs and garlic fries and ice cream all night long???


Dear Baby,

Well, its week 35. That means we really only have a month (or more! or less???) til we get to see your little face. This week we put up the crib and put away your clothes. You are still moving around in there quite a bit, but now its more of a squirming than kicking because you are getting so big. Your head is waaaaaay far down and your legs are waaaaaay far up. So far you have had foot massages from me, your papa, your grandma, and your auntie Jenny. It seems every day your foot wraps a bit further around my side, making me think you are going to be very tall like your daddy. Last night I dreamed that I woke up in the hospital and couldn't remember the labor. Turns out your papa had to name you because I was too out of it, so he named you Fish Israel. He told me Fish because you were so squirmy when you came out and Israel because of 'that famous beatles song' (?), because you were going to be legendary like the beatles. Then I woke up. I can't wait to hear all about your crazy dreams too. We love you little Fish Israel. Keep on growing, don't worry, we will see you soon.