Friday, May 30, 2014

Memorial Day + 32 weeks

Memorial day weekend was hectic for us! My mom and her neighbor threw me a big baby shower which was such a treat. There were lots of my mom's friends, including some who knew me when I was just a baby. We had a nice lunch, played a game, and just chatted. It was a fun and relaxing shower and I am flattered by all the well wishes for this next new stage! In other big news, I got my hair cut for the first time in a year, so my hair will never look this curly again.

On Sunday, Marty participated in Ski to Sea, a big relay race that takes place every year in our hometown. It is an 8-person, 7-leg relay that covers about 100 miles. Marty did the canoe with our good friend Kevin. 19 miles in the rain! This event is right up my alley - traditions, new and old friends, lots of food and cheering. 

The team was mostly friends from high school with a few new recruits. We had a big after party, where we all played hot potato with Meg's new daughter Parker. 

The next day we took my cousins out for a boat ride in the grey weather that is traditional for Memorial Day. Marty took a nice long nap on the boat to recoup. 
What a fun (whirlwind!) weekend!


Dear Baby,

What's up in there? Oh how I wish there was an "everything is okay" button on my belly so I knew you were a-okay in there. I know, I know, roll your eyes at your already protective mom. You are getting bigger and bigger and taking longer and longer naps, which makes me nervous when I don't feel you kick/move/shake your groove thang every so often. We are puzzling over what you will be like. During our ultrasound it took you a very long time to open your legs so we thought you would be a nun. Now you just LOVE to shake your tush in there so now I am thinking you are going to be more like Beyonce. Wherever you are along that spectrum, we will love you. During yoga yesterday the teacher read Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou and I thought about you, and me, and your grandmas, and your aunties. They are sure a bunch of phenoms. Two more months!


Friday, May 16, 2014

High Five for Friday! + a letter

Hey Friday!

You sure are lookin good. Time is speeding up, that's for sure. People always say pregnancy goes by fast, but I haven't really experienced that til these last couple weeks. Wait, its May? Do you know what comes after that? June. Then JULY. Here are five things I am happy about this friday.

1. I am happy and healthy at 30 weeks. That means there are only NINE more mondays til the due date. Things are gettin real.
2. We are taking a birth class which has already taught us so much in just the first couple weeks. Marty has now sat through two birth videos and was only mildly traumatized. They did reinforce his insistence that he is to be no where near the 'business end' of the birth. And that's okay with me.
3. We are finally starting to get some painting of furniture and rearranging done in our little place. We have a small two bedroom, and the second bedroom which was once our guest room/ store room/ office/marty's man cave will now be all that plus housing a baby. Except maybe Marty doesn't have a man cave.

4. Its been nice and hot here! In the northwest, you wait 8 months for a few months of just blissful weather. I love living somewhere you can open the windows and go outside in the summer, rather than having to shut yourself in an air conditioned room. Ah, its good to be back.
5. I went for a nice long walk with a friend who I haven't seen in a while and who is moving away, a skype date with some old pals, and a phone call with a college roommate. It feels so good to reconnect with important people from the past.

Hey there baby,

How's it going in there? You are getting big enough to bum rush one side of my belly. All of a sudden my tummy gets real flat on one side and huge on the other. I felt your hand (or was it a foot?) from the outside this week for the first time. High five, baby, good work growing. This week I thought a lot about all of the little life tricks that we get to teach you. For example, the redemptive power of a baked good. Did you enjoy that danish on Tuesday? I sure did. We will teach you all sorts of things to cheer you up and chill you out. Your dad will probably tell you about playing soccer, and your grandma will teach you about literally taking the time to stop and smell the flowers. I am so thankful that you will have so many life gurus surrounding you (and us!). Only 10 more weeks!!


Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Life at Week 28

Dear Baby,

Its the beginning of the third trimester. We are two-thirds there! Every day, I wonder what you will be like. We are adding you to the family, who you are will change and guide our lives. Three months seems like a crazy long time and I can't waitwaitwait, but we also have a lot of things to do before you get here. For now, I am happy you are safely tucked away in my belly. When your dad comes home after a long day of work, he pats my belly almost secretly, and says "how are both of you today?". I see you moving around, your little kicks catch my eye when my tummy moves back and forth suddenly. In the morning before I have eaten its all hungry hungry hippos in there. This week I met a new friend for you, baby Parker. I held her, and your papa held her, and we both thought about you. This morning I went to a coffee shop and drank my coffee in the sunlight, my favorite thing. One day I will take you with me and we will share a cinnamon roll and squinty-eyed smiles, and let the hot sun freeze us in a moment of gratitude.

Til then,

This week I am...

looking forward to seeing my sister in a few months
working on a craft project for above the crib
hoping there are fun new people in our birth class we start next week
praying for a good bill of health at the midwife tomorrow
excited to hear the tub-thub-thub of the heartbeat tomorrow
eating cantaloupe, drinking lemonade, and sneaking donuts like its my job
reading this article with now twice the interest (wink wink)
enjoying a random 80 degree day in seattle
missing marty while he is at work
dreaming of lazy summer picnics near the water
contemplating this quote
thankful for a weekend with an old friend, and her new baby girl. Twinsies!