About Me

I am....

A northwester at heart
A believer that love is an action word
Open-minded and exploring
Married to my date to my high school prom
Pursuing a career in global health

I like...

Anyone who wears wool socks and Birkenstocks every day (hey Dad)
Being in East Africa
French toast on Saturday mornings
Playing outdoors, breathing the fresh air, preferably with a picnic
Letting new people teach me new perspectives

I dislike....

When people aren't true to their word
Orange juice with pulp
Staying up late
Turbulence on airplanes


I have...

Best friends who know me and still like me
A family of rock stars and role models
No ability to bowl
An addiction to baking
A crush on Bono (yes, that Bono)

I will....

Tell you how it is on this here blog.

Thanks for reading!

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