Thursday, May 17, 2012

Graduation Weekend

I graduated in December but walked this past weekend in the ceremony. My parents came out and the whole thing was that much sweeter knowing I already had a job to go to on Monday morning. It was a great weekend, we were busy for three days straight. I am so thankful that my parents came out, it means a lot to have family around for the ceremony and for Mother's day.  

Here are some scenes from the weekend...

Strawberry Picking! 28 pounds later..

We found the perfect one!


State Farmers market and cabbages as big as your head

Fried Pimento Cheese - Redic

Lunch at The Pit

Homemade PIE!

All dressed up for the ceremony

We spotted my family in the crowd and took the chance to ham it up


Departmental celebration

Thank you Family for all your support, love, and encouragement along the way!
(and especially to husband who "let" me go to do Duke, against his Tar Heel tendencies)

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