Monday, January 13, 2014

Seattle, So far

We have been here in Seattle for about four months now. In some ways it seems like our five years in North Carolina was just a dream, and in some ways I keep thinking about what I will do first when we get back there. Leaving North Carolina was bittersweet, but because it was during such a hectic time we didn't have much space to really think about it. Moving to Seattle was kinda like moving home, but we have never lived before here before. We lived in Tacoma, about 30 miles south, during undergrad, and we grew up about two hours north. So living in the big city is new to us.

So far we are doing well. It has been an adjustment to be in a kinda-sorta-new place, but we are soaking up all our favorite people who we haven't seen in forever, and taking advantage of just being a short drive away rather than a long plane flight. The PNW has drawn most of our hometown friends back to the area and we are throwing dinner parties and looking for excuses to hang. We are loving having an excuse to explore a new city, and working on convincing ourselves that it is now OUR city.

Marty is doing awesome in his new job and this should be a great few years for him. I have been looking for a job and trying to get us settled. There have been some long days of job searching, and I am trying to keep my head up. I am hopeful about 2014 and that it will bring some good opportunities.

It is great to be back in a state where there is a scale of how fancy your sweatpants are, where the green moss grows and droops and takes over in the winter, and where the Thai food is so good and so ubiquitous. I do miss the warm ocean in NC, some friendly faces, and the routine including a good job. But we are living the dream of being back closer to family and back in the great northwest.

And we are always welcome to having visitors!

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