Thursday, November 3, 2011

a mine field of disappointment (with an uplifting ending!)

It is perhaps not entirely a coincidence that both my husband and myself chose careers with a great bit of disappointment involved.

For him, in the hard sciences, experiments go poorly, results are not there, and there is great deal of pressure to publish, which all in all is a political game.

For me, there is the disappointment of being unable to reach all those in need, of fluctuating prioritization of the health of those miles away, and cultural or political barriers that seem bizarre (at best) from the outside that keep many oppressed.

And this week we hit 7 billion people on this little planet of ours. And who knows what the solution to keep everyone healthy is?

Well, if it were easy I wouldn't be doing it and if it was already all figured out then it wouldn't be fun.....right?

Here's a good video to remind us of all the progress we have made.

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