Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Hat - (or the one in which I am glad he doesn't read this blog)

Husband owns a hat that I cannot stand and has resulted in a bit of marital discontent. He picked it out a few years ago, and guessing correctly that I would not buy it for him, turned to the one person who would - his twin brother.
it makes him turn into a crazy person.

And because it was his birthday I "let" him bust it out for the festivities this weekend. (Let's be honest, I didn't have any control over this situation anyway, this boy do-what-he-want!). For his birthday, he wanted to go with 12 of his buddies from school (including three guys with the same birthday) to a hockey game and tailgate for several hours before. I heard about this plan on the drive home from the airport returning from Nairobi in August, and about every three days since then. And it was a beautiful fall day, with plenty of festive beverages and food appropriate for grilling out, and of course Momma Whittle's Famous Carrot Cake which were turned into event appropriate cupcakes.
Watching the game with co-birthday boy James

Go Canes!

Doesn't he look better without it???

CANES BEAT THE PENGUINS! (who are currently the best team in the country, nbd)

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