Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Last week?

It takes me almost exactly three weeks to settle into a new place, to find a rhythm, and to feel settled enough to branch out a bit and explore new places, really get to know people, and to discover the culture around me.

I hit my stride yesterday. Pretty much in time to realize I leave at the end of the week. Shoot.

And the last couple days have been particular stressful work-wise. It doesn't help that my co-worker returned home Saturday.

But we have taken the opportunity these last two days to hit up some lunch recs from our trusty translator, Alan.

The first was 'Mali food', as in food from Mali. It was really yummy, and there was a lot of it. A lot more spices than in Rwandese food, and a good chicken/pea/curry mixture to put over the spiced rice. This place was super hidden and super packed. The small corridor of stores and houses in a busy urban neighborhood was somehow packed with cars that came here just for this food.

If you want to find it, it is just here (as they say).

Across from this bar.

Then today it was Mr. Chips.

 A small restaurant, owned by a Canadian, in Alan's neighborhood that has cheeseburgers and fries. 

They actually also had bbq pork on the menu but I wasn't adventurous enough to try that. The burger was really actually quite decent.

Bon Apetit!!

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  1. Dispatches from Rwanda an absolutely amazing country, i cant wait to go back.I lived there for a year..enjoy your time there...PS i dont know how i found your blog but its pretty interesting.