Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How Fast Can You Get Ready for a Month Long International Trip?

I am currently living that question.

You know when kids are at that golden time in their life when you can entertain your kid sister or the kids you are babysitting by simply asking them to do the most random things and telling them that you will time them and make it a race? I can relate to that six year old right now.

Last Thursday I was asked by my new job to go to Rwanda for a month. On Monday. And I already had plans to spend all of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Houston with some dear friends who had to move from the South (NC) to the Other South (TX) and who we haven't seen for almost a year.

All this to say yesterday, Monday, I had approximately seven hours to go through the paces of preparing for  a month away from home. It was traveling prep on steroids. My mind was going a bazillion miles a minute.

How did it go?

We will see in about a day when I finally get into Rwanda and unpack my bag. I am hoping that I don't end up with seven bottles of shampoo and no socks.

Currently I am in Amsterdam at the airport frantically using my thirty minutes free internet to do real important things like blog and get caught up on the project I will be working on when I get there.

And listening to song currently playing at the airport sung by a girl with a thick accent singing a very poppy song "Its a booty call! Its a boooooooty call! Its a booty caaaaalll!Yeah"! And thinking that no one told this girl what a booty call actually was. And that 'booty call' just didn't translate well.

Ah, the joys of cultural translation. Today improper use of a colloquial request for, um, booty.

Tomorrow? Rwanda. East Africa.

I am thinking the lesson here is be careful what you ask for.

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