Sunday, September 9, 2012

This Weekend

I had an adventurous weekend really starting on Thursday.

On Thursday while at Applebee's in a smaller city, there was karaoke (yes, at Applebee's. both big american chains and karaoke are big here). We spent twenty minutes trying to convince our sober selves to sing, and when we finally did, the DJ played this video instead of the kareoke words and we were left to giggle and lipsync while the Honduran diners looked on at the gringos.


On Friday, Justin and I walked to the end of an old shipping pier. After waiting for a while to see if people would go away so that I could more comfortably strip down into my swim suit and then realizing they were going no where, I jumped off this pier into the warm caribbean sea just to swim around long enough to both draw a crowd and for the tide to go out just enough so that I was entirely unsuccessful at pulling myself up onto the small landing with the ladder to go back onto the pier. Even after several attempts by Justin and no help at all from the three 15 year old local who circled like sharks and cackled at me. As the crowd grew larger to see the white girl attempt to flop and flip onto the platform a foot and a half above my head, I decided that swimming for shore was a better option. Justin swam with me (as he says to me, this is exactly what I want to be doing after a few beers), along with the teen boys who I am sure were just so amused and just so incredulous that we would make it to shore. We did. And then did the walk of shame back down the pier (this time with just our bathing suits) to collect our clothes and shoes. I have the biggest bruises to show my efforts, and a bit of hurt pride too. But the swim was worth it.
On Saturday we took a tour of the jungle by boat. The walk through the jungle part was a bust because we had to sprint through thick patches of mosquitoes to get from one beach to the next and didn't get a chance to look for the animals like we had hoped. The beach parts however were just dreamy. Lagoons once used by pirates and clear blue water and a long boat ride, followed by fresh seafood soup for lunch. Heaven, really. We had lunch at a Garifuna village, where one drunk man told me "I have three things to tell you. One, you are nice and friendly, two, you are beautiful, and three you can stay here with me in my village if you want." I told him I would take the first two.

We love the beach!

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  1. does that video include a gay, married 13 year old? that's pretty hilarious :) also - nice action shot with the jumping. Gotta love guys who invite you back to your village. I'm glad you're rocking out in paradise :) also - a new level of missing you - spontaneously stalking your blog :)