Friday, October 12, 2012

Love Yurt

One place we like to remember is this yurt, for no particular reason other than it provided a welcome retreat for us a few weekends when we were in college and the stress of being in school was just too much.

When we moved to North Carolina, I searched for a similarly shaped retreat but found only one in a distant corner of the state at a crazy price. But after four years, the powers of the interwebs stepped in via LivingSocial and we are off this weekend to a Yurt in the mountains. A weekend away just the two of us is now a rare treat, as getting two days off (known to non-science grad students as a weekend) is generally reserved for visiting family or friends who tug at our hearts.

A retreat in the woods during the fall is just what we need.

And check us out in 2005! Looking good... (yes, that is a Che Guevara shirt from Fred Meyers)

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