Monday, October 8, 2012


I know, I have been out of touch. I have been adjusting back to 'Merica by going to football games.

Recently Enjoyed

Did I tell you that Marty bought me this KitchenAid mixer that I have been pining for?
And did I mention that it is the same color blue as my alma mater and not his?
And did you know that it probably killed him a little (a lot) inside to buy something Duke Blue?

Recently in Penguin Humor

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funny gifs

Recently Saluted

A couple weekends ago we went to Denver to go to a Broncos game with our great friends.
We gave the mile high salute 
(apparently that's a thing. I am new to this)

Recently Bang'd

In July I went for the half swoopy emo bangs.
Last week I got the full on bangs. 
And now this song can be heard on repeat at my place.
(Marty has been very sure that I know its the William Hung version).

Recently Downloaded

I guess I gotta keep up with the Joneses, and all their faded pictures.
Here are Me and Linds, looking totally retro fab.

Recently Intimidated

The world.
By Jenny and I's intimidating football moves.
Photo: Are you ready for some football???

Recently Rooted

For the HEELS!
We went to our first UNC football game. It was my first D-1 football game
(you can't really count Duke football)
I think Marty was a bit confused when I said we were going to the football game,
seen here in an Argentina soccer jersey.


Recently Tasted

Marty and I were arguing about something in the grocery store yesterday.
I went off to get some space and to get a few things. Including toothpaste.
Marty is very particular about his toothpaste. He likes Aquafresh, the kind in the blue box.
So I served up revenge cold - in the form of Vanilla Crest.
 Ha, I'll show him for picking a fight in the grocery store.
Oh. Gross. I have to use this stuff too?

Recently in the Seasons

It's Fall!
Fall is something I learned about when I moved to not-Washington.
Shown here in the Aspens in Colorado

Recently in Politics

Check out this doozy of a sign.
Blown away by the intellectual appeal.
(Are you registered to vote?)

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