Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Birthday Boy

The first time I really admitted to myself that I had a crush on Marty was when I decided to bake him a cake for his 17th birthday, ten years ago today. This was the first thing I ever did to really give him a clue that I may be interested, in like, you know, going out some time. Though his reaction that day was an awkward "uh, thanks?", from that point on we were in motion to being an item, then definitely an item, then a permanent item.

I should say that I wanted to give him a hint, but still be my coy 17 year old girl self, so I bought his twin brother Sam a gallon of chocolate milk as a gift too so it wasn't too obvious (yeah, that wasn't a problem).

I should also say that the cake I baked him, a from-the-box carrot one, was never really eaten. I didn't realize at that point that Marty's mom makes the most excellent carrot cake every year for Marty and Sam and the one from some random girl at youth group did not ever stand a chance (and was just plain confusing). The gallon jug of chocolate milk, however, did get finished. Thanks Sam.

Its been quite the journey from that box carrot cake to getting to be the one every year to make his momma's recipe. But I am giving my 17 year old self props for having the courage to make a cake for a guy that she sorta, kinda, well maybe liked.

The first time I made the cake, and Sam came to taste, in 2009

Happy Birthday to you! I am glad you finally picked up on the hint. 

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