Sunday, February 17, 2013

Resolution Sunday: Decades

This week, I have two thoughts. One, is that for Lent I have given up social media (blogs to be honest) of people that I do not know. This is because I often find myself envious or comparing myself to families that seem to have it all, and have it all together. (Blogs of people I know are okay because, well, I know they don't have it all together). I am going to focus on being present in my own life and happy to be here.

Secondly, M has been having some foot problems for the last few months, which means that my chore list has increased, I am the permanent chauffeur and our funtivities have been limited. And it also means that he has been feeling pain and frustration. I am trying to handle it with grace and humility. A good friend reminded me that M and I have decades together. Meaning that it will be me next time that needs extra kindness and patience. Give and take, its the name of the game. That and recognizing that we will not always be in this moment (for better or for worse!). And the best part about this is, again, we have decades together.

(here we are sporting our new boots at the theater this weekend, and looking good)

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