Sunday, February 10, 2013

Resolution Sunday: Holly

In case you haven't caught on, every Sunday I am taking time to be thankful for something. This is my way to combat the stress of a year that is already bringing its fair share of holy-cow-what-are-we-doing-here and a bunch of oh-boy-what-now. And I think that the best way to deal with not knowing is to remind ourselves of what we already know - that we all have many many things to be thankful for.

This week we are celebrating Holly, my mamma-in-law, who is celebrating a birthday. Her 39th, I think.

When they say you marry the whole fam-damily, they are totally right. But not many are as fortunate as I am. Not many get such kindness, patience, loyalty, and laughter.

I admire Holly for seeking places in the community to provide support and love to those who need it and for being indiscriminately compassionate. She has shown me how to do small things with great love.

We have a lot of fun together too. Its great to have another strong woman in my life. And what a good lookin family you have!

Cheers to you, Holly!

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