Monday, August 19, 2013

Resolution Sunday: PhD!

Photo: Introducing Marty "curing cancer is just my day job" Whittle, PhD.
I am so grateful this week that Marty is now a Doctor! (Not that kind). 

I am so proud of his hard work, diligence, and creativity needed to succeed in the hard sciences. He graduated with his PhD in Pharmacology (drug discovery and development) this last week and will continue his career as a post-doc in Seattle in only a handful of days. He will continue to specialize in cancer biology, moving from breast cancer here in NC to pancreatic cancer out in Seattle.

I couldn't be more proud, really.

Grad school was tough on both of us at times  - a lot of long weekends, little pay, and a lot of general science related frustration - but I am thankful today that we made it through. More importantly, that he made it through, and that he has finally graduated with his PhD in a very tough and honorable field.

WOOT WOOT !! Go team us!!

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