Thursday, August 1, 2013


This morning Marty woke up with a total deer in the head lights look.

"I graduate this month" he said, looking somewhere between confused and excited. I gave him the 'its okay' pat-pat and then we just stared into space for a bit.

Oh its August folks. This month will be a big one. I haven't seen a to do list like this since we got married. We have a PhD to defend for, family to host, a three thousand mile move, a new job to prepare for and housing to find. A chapter to wrap up.

It feels so good to have some idea of where we are moving to, that the light at the end of the tunnel holds 'my people'. I can't imagine my anxiety right now if I was moving somewhere I had never been to. Like Omaha. Or Baton Rouge. Or Albuquerque.

I hear the summers in Baton Rouge are just miserable. Unlike in Seattle.

Bring it on, August, bring it on.

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