Monday, December 2, 2013

Resolution Sunday: Cooking!

I am so thankful (although I haven't always been) that my mom made me cook with her all the time growing up. Some days I admittedly put up a fight, but now I know how to cook a lot of different standby dishes without recipes and can improvise with the best of them.

I am thankful that she took the time to teach my sister and I the tricks of the trade and made us participate in all parts of the cooking, including the planning, weekly. It was expected that we help (almost) every night, and now that I have my own kitchen, I am thankful that I did.

I am also thankful that Marty loves to cook. He loves to do the long, intricate recipes that are new and adventurous, and inevitably delicious. I think he is a fab cook, and I am thankful that he loves all sorts of different foods.

I am thankful that I get to cook too. Choice is a luxury, and I get to go to the grocery store and pick out what I like and what fits in the budget, and cook it in my own kitchen using my cooking skillz.

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