Friday, March 21, 2014


So I have been cooking (baking? seems more appropriate) up a kid for about 22 weeks now. I know, I know, I should have banged the pots and sang it from the mountain top by now, but the truth is the cyberworld is a bit out of control for me. We were both really in need of some time just with ourselves and our new reality. But now I am feeling more open about it, perhaps because my belly now sticks out far enough that I am definitely preggo. I gave a presentation to a bunch of high school girls the other day and they just kept staring at my tummy, and I just let them. Once upon a time it would have bothered me, but now I am proud of my little secret. It is fun to have my baby with me all the time, it is like having a secret buddy to share all my daily musings with. 

Here are some other confessions I have for you today....

1) Pregnancy hormones are REAL. I highly recommend not starting, and then finishing, any television series where someone dies, someone comes home from the military, anything involving a montage, there is a birth, a new romance, or the good use of a U2 song. I watched Friday Night Lights during the zombiehood of my first trimester and I was a

2) Pregnancy cravings are REAL. And I am channeling my inner 8 year old. I am proud of myself that I have only asked Marty once to go to the store for me immediately for a food I was craving. Unfortunately, he was at work at the time and wasn't able to help.... I was super distraught that he wouldn't leave his job researching cancer immediately and go to the safeway to buy my fruit snacks. Yes, I said fruit snacks. I have also craved pudding and ants on a log.

3) I have had the normal pregnancy symptoms and ups and downs, and am so grateful that I am happy and healthy, and in the 'eye of the storm' as a friend put it. We are also extremely grateful we live near our families and are able to share this with them. We will reward their support and patience with access to their new, and first, grandbaby come July.

4) Pregnancy has been a total lesson in letting go and letting God. You are totally out of control of the process for the most part. Literally - sit back, try to relax, pop these horse pills, and let your body MAKE A HUMAN. Seriously. I can't parallel park, bowl, or make rice but I can make another person (I had some help). It is truly a strange mix of humbling and empowering.

And now for your friday funnies (non pregnancy related)

Some really awesome awkward moments.
Have you seen these google spoofs? I like the first one, but the second is good too.
Did you catch President Obama on this comedy show?
Check out what this dog does when his people are away.
One can only hope to be as lucky as this guy.
Parenting Advice: When in doubt, make funny faces (see below). If so, we got this. Thanks, Amy and Tina.

Have a great day!

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