Monday, June 13, 2011

Kibera: A very large slum.

This weekend was great. I got to see some familiar faces (hey Dunstan and Andria!), meet some new friends (hey Jacque!), go to church with Mama (hey, what? They make new-comers stand up in front of the 500+ congregation?) and find two American like malls (hey, you can pay four dollars for coffee in Kenya too!). I took three days away from Kibera to get myself ready for my research that is gearing up this week.

Today while walking through Kibera by myself from the main office to the satellite office, a man approached me. “Hey Mzungu!” He yelled with a broad smile, “Hey! What are you doing here? What are you doing in Kibera?” I replied in my usual way, with a smile or a nod, and usually something short and vague, but before I could get anything out, he yelled:

"Kibera is a very large slum!”

After delivering his earth-shattering revelation that was sure to send me skittering back to wherever I had come from, he turned with a laugh and continued on his way.Why thank you Mister! Granted the anti-malarials I am on bring with it a hazy sense of reality that often blurs the line between dreaming and not, I had, indeed, noticed that Kibera was 

A. Very. Large. Slum.

Here are some friendly faces that I encountered during my weekend. 
Mary - UNC grad student and java buddy

Andria (duke friend) and Jacque (new friend and sister of Dunstan)

Neighbor friend Abby

After picking up my comb, she began and stated simply "There will be pain".

Mama! Picture by Abby.

Dunstan (duke friend) and friendly cups of chai
The clouds here are beautiful. 

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