Monday, June 20, 2011

My Weekend in Pictures

This weekend I met up with Amy in Kisumu, Kenya. It was a perfect weekend of relaxation and I feel really rejuvinated. It was a perfect meeting spot for us. For me, Kisumu was a quiet town with safe(r) streets and fresh air and for Amy, who is stationed in a very very rural area, Kisumu was a bustling town of not one but two grocery stores and plenty of culinary options. We had a great time in the third largest city in Kenya, located right on Lake Victoria. 

A reunion Tusker with Amy

 Small fish in a bucket, smoked fish lined up, or fresh fish in the blue bucket - we ate a lot of fish .

Kids on a school trip admire the tortoise at the Kisumu Museum

The decor at the Kiboko Bay Hotel - Hippos, hippos, hippos

Sunsets over water remind me of home

Sage advice, truly

The Dhau is the local style of boat used for fishing, and for carting tourists around to see the hippos

Kisumu Yacht Club

Impala Sanctuary - we saw roaming impalas, zebras, baboons and a four foot monitor lizard 
Along with a few animals in cages. Here Mercy the baboon gives Amy a high five

Amy's first zebras!

Amy, Dunstan and I on our first tuk-tuk ride! 

Did I mention the sunsets?

The bugs were intense

On our requisite hippo-seeing boat trip

Mangrove tree

Fishing boat


Remnants of my sighting of the President of Kenya (story to follow)
Pink stork and friends with some timely advice - never give up.

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