Wednesday, June 29, 2011

You Say Goodbye, I say Hello!

This last weekend we said good bye to a group of researchers from UNC who had been helping with an effort to assess the acceptability of starting a project within CFK to facilitate asset building among youth (basically how to encourage young people to start saving). It was an interesting endeavor to watch and I was sad to see them go. To end their stay, Mary, Julie and I put on our tourist hats and headed to a few of the must-see tourist traps of Nairobi - the elephant orphanage and the Karen Giraffe Center, rounded out with a trip to the swanky mall called Junction for some sushi (yes, that's right, sushi). It was fun to play that role for a day and spend it with other travelers who are only in Nairobi for a very short time.

Let's compare tongues....

okay, you win!

Yesterday, Amy said Hello again to Nairobi and came to stay at Mama's house with me for a few days. She is having struggles clearing her research through the massive amounts of red tape to get a protocol cleared internationally and needed to come to Nairobi to have a few necessary face-to-face conversations. I am happy to play host (or to provide a willing host, thanks Mama!) and have her here for a few days.

In research news, I had a very productive focus group with the peer-youth-educators on Saturday and have had productive follow-up interviews with the staff this week as well. Things seem to be lining up a bit better as I am able to sort out what I am actually going to be able to accomplish during my stay here in Kenya. As in most research projects, and I think especially those taking place abroad, the best-laid plans rarely go through without alteration. I am now feeling like I have a good grasp of what I can - and can not- accomplish during my time here. Onward!

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  1. Save all the babies!

    So I'm starting to write this thing... feeling that old familiar feeling of panic... You should leave kibera and come to austin so we can hang out at cool coffee shops and commiserate. maybe yes?