Sunday, October 9, 2011

Impressive and Unimpressive - Session Three


1)This awesome video about CFK.

The Power of 26: A Carolina for Kibera Initiative from Center for Global Initiatives on Vimeo.

2) How blue the skies are here during the fall. I have to say that the weather during the fall is one of two things I will miss about living in NC. (The second is the warm ocean. Don't worry PNW, we will be back to you someday).

Duke Chapel with the Carolina blue sky

3) My beloved cycle teacher who I have taken from every wednesday for the last three years. She taught the last class this week at 39 weeks pregnant. Talk about a bouncing baby boy! (sorry, I just had to)


1) The cupcakes at the fifth year anniversary party. Yes, looks can be deceiving. I will eat almost any combination of sugar and butter but I couldn't get through these. Yuck.
Oh cupcakes, you tease.

2) This week marked 10 years in Afghanistan. That's all I will say about that. (Here is an interesting article about this)

3)They are trying to cut almost $400 million dollars in government funded science research (including the type of grant that Husband is on to research breast cancer). Do something about this  - it takes two clicks.

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