Sunday, October 16, 2011

Traditional Medicine

Today is day four of a nasty stomach flu. Husband has been a total champ, went to the store twice for Gaterade, Saltines, and chicken noodle soup.

But when that wasn't fitting the bill, I called up Mama and she reminded me of the old traditional medicine of my childhood. Gaurenteed to cure any ills.

Cinnamon toast. My mom had a small brown glass bottle that had a mixture of cinnamon sugar in it that we basically only used when my sister and I were sick when we were little.

Usually the conversation went like this:

You know what's good for the flu?
Cinnamon toast.

You know what will help with that cold?
Cinnamon toast.

You know what will help you feel better about that big test in biology tomorrow?
Cinnamon toast.

You know what will help you get over not getting that part in the fifth grade play?
Cinnamon toast.

Satisfaction guaranteed. (and for the record, I would have rocked as Mary Poppins. Pretty much altered the course of my life).

1 comment:

  1. Mary Poppins was the 4th grade play :)

    And cinnamon toast does fix everything. :) You should call me right now. My children are in bed.