Friday, January 13, 2012

Lessons from my mama: Appleschmutz

I will probably spend the rest of my life stumbling on things that I learned from my mom. Where did I learn to put Tang in the dishwasher? Where did I learn to say "let's shed some light on the situation" after turning on every single light? Where did I learn the medicinal value of a cinnamon roll?

Beyond these important things I have also learned the importance of being kind to everyone, even those who seem a little weird, and especially to those who seem down and out. I have learned it isn't too late to pick up a new talent, and that being able to connect with pretty much anyone can score you some pretty great deals, and some pretty good friends.

But one of the most important things she did is that she taught my sister and I how to cook. We were required to help with cooking pretty much every time we were home during the cooking process. And although I moaned and groaned and threw epic adolescent fits was sometimes less than enthusiastic, I am now reaping the rewards of being able to cook pretty dang well.

I am especially love knowing how to cook applesauce. My mom has a food mill that was her mom's and used it to make homemade applesauce all the time growing up. I have a mild obsession with apples and my mom makes the best applesauce especially from our own apple trees.

Applesauce at our house is known as appleschmutz, in keeping with the local language. 

So I asked for a food mill for my birthday this year and whipped up my first batch of applesauce last night. I had made some in slow cookers before, but this is WAY better. 

I had three bowls between dinner and dessert. 

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