Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Unemployment Waltz

Hooray for me for graduating from Duke this December!

My prize?

Getting to look for a job!

Being unemployed and/or underemployed is not something new to me, as I did this dance before when we first moved to North Carolina.

Being unemployed is a delicate dance, a balance between acting and trusting, being proactive and having faith in yourself, being sure that something will happen and putting yourself out there, holding out for the dream job and being realistic, looking for opportunities in unexpected places and knowing what you want.

So right now I am updating my LinkedIn profile, letting everyone I know that is remotely connected to global health know that I am looking for something in the area, and perfecting my cover letter.

And reminding myself that the grass is not always greener on the other side and living it up with things I can do without a job...

Pleasure reading!

Going to the gym at 2 in the afternoon!

Setting my own schedule (i.e. wearing my pj's while I 'work' on the couch)!

Making that soup that takes 3 hours!

Wandering Whole Foods with total food envy!

Now back the dance...step,2,3, step, 2,3....

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