Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tradition Enthusiast

I am a tradition enthusiast, to say the very very least. I LOVE traditions, knowing exactly what is going to happen, and when, with who, and most importantly, with what food. I think that this is one of the reasons I was meant to marry someone from my hometown because I don't think I could handle going anywhere else for Christmas. And this holiday season was full of traditions. It has been fun incorporating husband into my family's traditions, adding his, and slowly creating our own......

First stop in the Ham: Boomers. Always. This time, enjoyed on my fam's new boat!

Twin brother and Lewis Time

Trip to see the Big City

Christmas Cookie making with mama-in-law and fam

Walk at Boulevard

Sibling silliness
Christmas Eve soccer match

Christmas Eve trip to Taylor Seafood Farm to get oysters, clams, and crab

Dressed up for Christmas Service 
Christmas French toast and Hempler Bacon
Christmas dinner with both sides of the fam

New Years pork and sauerkraut with the Woody, Jenny, Mandy and Josh

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