Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Impressive and Unimpressive: Session Six


1. I am always impressed by people who are willing to go to the most dangerous and volatile places in order to draw attention to issues and suffering that is all too easy to ignore. Even for those who are the most involved in global issues, there are still some places that are just pushed out of our collective conscience. That's why we need people like this guy.

2. My sister. Who has arrived safely in Costa Rica and I am sure livin' it up.

3. How quickly I managed to find a group of girls to go see Titanic 3D. And how quickly all the random crap I memorized as a seventh grader about the movie  came back to me. Like how it was actually James Cameron who drew the infamous picture of Rose. And how they only built the left side of the boat. I could go on, but I don't want to lose all four of my followers (hey mom!).

4. My husband. When I asked him how he knew we should be together he replied "Cuz you were the cutest thing since sliced bread". Yup. That's me. I've always measured myself against the seductive allure of baked goods.


1. The primary season we are currently entrapped in. There is no room to discuss current events without mentioning this guy, or this guy, or this guy. Again, any reasonable people out there?

2. My lent season. I gave up gluten this year, by far the hardest thing ever. Lasted about four days. I hate quitting things and hated pulling the plug on this one, but it was far too hard, causing too much stress, and I realized I was doing it for all the wrong reasons. Instead I will focus on being more intentional with my time and with my decisions. And my heart goes out to those who don't have the luxury of giving up on this after four days.

3. The people who drive from our apt complex to the bus stop ACROSS THE STREET. That's right, they drive across the street to catch the bus, saving themselves, oh, three minutes walking.

4. Public transportation in this area. It takes me almost and hour and a half each way to travel the 11 miles to work. Pain in the rear. Also a pain in the rear? Gas prices. Pick your evil.

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  1. Haha, WHY would you ever give up gluten if you didn't have to??! Keep baking and eating all those yummy things for those of us who can't. Stand up for those who are weak! Also, yes the bus stop people need to man/woman-up. Geeeeezz.