Thursday, July 12, 2012

Unsolicited Advice

Yesterday was our third year anniversary. I wrote a long rambling post about a few things I have learned about being married but it was just that - long and rambling. This is what I did instead. When you get married, you are gaurenteed to receive one thing -- a whole ton of unsolicited advice.

Right back at you, blogosphere!

This is what I know about marriage so far.

1. It is a lot more fun then they make it out be. I think as a reaction to so many failing marriages, people like to scare young people and let them know it is hard work. It is hard work. But it is fun, too.

2. I am annoying, you are annoying, we are all annoying. Let's laugh about it. We made our lists of what we thought were the most annoying things about ourselves and ended up just laughing about dirty kleenexs in the bed (me) and a tablespoon of milk left in the jug (not me).

3. The worse piece of advice I got: On your wedding day, what you see is what you get. Don't expect your partner to change. Should have known this was a crock at the time. As someone who has been with my person since we were 17, partners change all. the. time. You just don't get to take credit for it (if its for the good) and you must be supportive (if it's otherwise).

4. Marriage works best when you are best friends. This is something I learned from both my parents and my in-laws. They love each other, but I think that they really like each other too.

5. Best advice I got: Part of forgiving is forgetting. I'll just leave it at that.

6. Go to bed mad. No, really, just do it. Sometimes nothing positive is going to happen when its late, you're both tired, and you have gone round and round for too long.

7. Laugh at your self. Admit when you are being silly. But don't ever tell you partner they are being silly. They might be quite serious.

8. Your husband IS NOT your girlfriend. Keep your girlfriends close.

9. Look at each other in the eyeballs when you are arguing. It makes it that much harder to be mad.

10. Brag on your boo. That one is easy for me. Because my husband is a ninja. (see below)

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