Friday, July 27, 2012

Reasons My Hometown is the Best # 17, 66, and 90

My trip home has reaffirmed that my hometown is really the best, beyond the reasons I have already written about here and here. I am so pleased that most of my favorite people are moving back in the area, and that just means that our welcome home party someday will just be that much bigger.

Reason #17 - Locally Owned Stores

Most stores and restaurants in my home town are small Mom and Pop joints. More importantly, people make a conscious choice to go to these businesses over the chains. One of my absolute favorite places is Lafeens, a local donut joint. When I was real young, we would walk over to Lafeens after church (or even during Confirmation when the teachers were trying to bribe us teenagers). When I was in high school, in our rebel ways we would gather there at 11pm on the weekends when the donuts came out of the oven all nice and gooey.

Home this year, my sister and I went there immediately after running three miles. Perfect post-workout treat.

Reason # 66 - Big Trees

The trees are big and green and real old. There is something great about hiking around trees that are a hundred years old and massive. They are gnarled, mossy, and must have a lot of wisdom to share. If only I spoke Cedar. Here in this picture my bro-in-law stands in front of a root ball (can you see Marty creepin on him?)

Reason #90 - Long Summer Nights

The summer brings long nights, perfect for strolling, ice cream, bonfires, and being out on the water way too late. The day cools off, unlike here in the south, for a pleasant night hanging out til the wee hours. 


Most of these things I took for granted growing up. What do you love most about your hometown?

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