Friday, June 7, 2013

Feel Good Friday

Hey Friends!

We made it another week, can you believe it? And this week has been a long one. As I write, the rain is just dumping outside - a result of Tropical Storm Andrea.

(Don't worry Mom, I am staying off the roads and remembering "turn around, don't drown". The nice weather man keeps repeating it at us all day).

Here are a few things that helped me get through the week.

The glow from the weekend at the beach.

This article on how we talk - I simultaneously speak like a Washingtonian, Michigander, and now Southerner. That's right ya'll, doncha-know.

RSVPing to a wedding in Indianapolis. A new city! This activity will make a great pitstop on our (ONE WAY!) trip home. Perhaps the groom will look like this? (Grab the tissues).

A concert at the Duke Gardens. Nothing is better than live music, am I right? Especially live music on a warm summer night.

This video about sad kitties.

This article vindicating my addiction. This makes me feel so much better about my six-year-old self making coffee in the morning before grade school so that I could get my mom out of bed - I am such an enabler.

This video. Ah, relationships. Or am I the only one that things this is funny?

I am going to spend part of the weekend watching arrested development. Anyone else? Marty loves Gob.
(other people who have made a mistake)


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