Monday, June 17, 2013

Juju again!

Remember when I told you my sister was going to be a kindergarten teacher in Costa Rica this year? And asked for some good juju for her?

Well this is the last week of school for her and her first job. And she could use some more!

In this past year she has done some remarkable things and met some remarkable people.

She has lived through an earthquake which turned her into The Hulk as she carried several kids out of danger.

She killed scorpions and tamed the waves.


She learned to dance, and found a pretty cute boy to dance with.

She switched classrooms mid-year and wowed parents and kids alike with her stellar skillz.

She choreographed dances and adapted curriculum to suit her students the best.

And she did all this in two languages.

And now its the end of the year! So GO ZAN GO!

I sure hope you know we are all rooting for you.

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