Sunday, July 28, 2013

Resolution Sunday: Kenya

Yesterday Marty and I went to a new friend of his house for dinner. Marty knew I would be happy to go because this new friend is Kenyan, and we know how I loved Kenya. I thought I was going for a fifth birthday party with hot dogs and mac and cheese but instead got a full on Kenyan feast.

The crazy amount of kids free flowin through the house, several women cooking a feast that easily could have fed one hundred, and the smells of the spices was just a total reminder of how much I loved my time in Kenya.
As a note of cultural practice, the Americans were the only ones of about thirty people to bring something to contribute. This, I learned in Kenya, isn't a common practice there. You always share what you have with whoever is there and know that the same will be shown when you are out. The hospitality is overwhelming, you are instantly part of the family.

I had a blast talking with a few Kenyan women who are living in Durham and have created a new community there. They, of course, were impressed I had been there and that I knew that Kenya wasn't one 'large jungle'. It was a nice reminder of why I am in a globally minded career and that I am so thankful for my time both in Kenya and here in the states working towards bettering our global community. How easy it is to forget that we all have so much in common!

The food was just beyond delicious. Marty said to me apologetically at the end of the night that it was the best meal he had had in months (I wasn't offended). I mean, check this out! Too bad we just met these lovely people and are on our way out. Y U M.

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