Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Biggest (irrational) Fear

Okay, here it is, my Halloween inspired confession. My biggest fear, or rather my biggest irrational fear.

I am honestly quite scared of this, even though I 100% realize that it is just simply never going to happen to me. Not ever, no way, guaranteed.

That's because I am afraid of being lost in space.

Yeah, that's right, lost in space. But really, imagine it, you are all suited up for your space walk and somehow you get disconnected from the spaceship. And you are just floating! Without control of where you are going! And with no hope of being rescued! Cuz, well, you are in space!

Holy cow, isn't that just terrifying?

Annnnnd, you have to end your own life, which means you have to chose how to do it (although I would assume that my extensive astronaut training would train me the best way to do this). Honestly, I am shuddering just thinking about the lost, out of control, hopeless feeling.

Anyhoo, that's my secret oh so irrational fear. I have had to admit it a little more than usual lately, especially with this movie out now.

What's your irrational fear? Any really silly fears that you can admit on Halloween?

Here are some real astronauts, doing their real astronaut thing.

An astronaut mom.

An astronaut who went blind temporarily in space (apparently tears don't fall in space).

Bowie in space.

Sunrise in space (astronauts see 16 a day!).

Views of the earth.


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