Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Resolution Sunday: Sunday night dinner!

For the last five years, in North Carolina, I have been aching to have my nearest and dearest living far away over for dinner. I love hosting and cooking for a crowd, or just one guest, and I loved having people over in North Carolina, even to our small cramped apartment where all I could offer was an extra helping of spaghetti and a space on the floor.

Well, Sunday we had nine people (nine!) in our little apartment here in Seattle. Our chairs included an ottoman, an office chair, and a exercise ball. We are hoping to have one of these a month with our friends and I am so grateful that we know all these awesome people here in the area. My mom always taught me not to be afraid to 'mix friends', so we are inviting people from all areas of our life. Good thing we are only friends with awesome people. 

(I made these enchiladas and this mexican chocolate cake. Both turned out delish. Highly recommend.)

Look how squoooshed we are!  

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