Friday, November 1, 2013


Hey Y'all, its Friday! We are seeing our families this weekend, and I am pulling out the ol' purple tutu for a 5k on Sunday. Did you do anything fun for Halloween? Did you look as awesome as this kid? Don't forget to change your clocks this weekend! 

Isn't this an hysterical picture? I can't do a jumping pic for the life of me. Honestly.

Remember yesterday's post about getting lost in space? Here is a funny follow up...

Check out this map of people dying and being born. It will put you in a trance (and then maybe make you feel clastrophobic).

Which state matches your personality? Apparently I belong in Georgia.

When do you drink your cuppa joe? I like mine after breakfast, apparently I was on to something!

My hometown is making the news big time because of a battle about a coal shipping port they want to put there. A small town county council election will most likely have a huge impact on the coal industry.

Need a pick me up? Check out this one.

Have you seen this video? And just for the record, boooooo buckeyes.

Will you go see the remake of Carrie? Here's a creative trailer.

We have officially hit fall here in Seattle, which made me laugh at this graph... Happy Friday!

The Week That Wasn’t by Sarah Lazarovic: Toronto Seasons (well, most places in Canada really)

Mostly because I have a recent love affair with Toronto, but also because New England is like this, though less extreme. But back to Toronto, I’m going to hit you up this summer, so watch out.

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