Sunday, November 3, 2013

Resolution Sunday: My mom loves holidays

My mom loves to decorate for holidays and its the best. She has kept our artwork from when we were kids and still hangs them proudly around the house. We have also collected quite a few trinkets here and there too, like the pumpkins we painted in ceramics class we took all together. I love that she gets them all out and love to recount all of the stories of each object or "art" piece.

My mom also loves to send cards, so I was so happy to get this handmade one.
Look at this awesome picture I drew when I was small. I was always a stickler for facts. (It reads: This pumpkin weighs 612 pounds and that is true).

And she sent me these ghosts clutching candy corns to put on cupcakes.

I am so grateful my mom loves holidays and thinks to send me cards, encourage my baking habit, and is still proud of my artwork.

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