Friday, November 15, 2013

Birthday Month!

This week was Marty's birthday week. Remember this story about his birthday? We were remembering when I came up from college on a Wednesday, even skipping a chem lab, to surprise Marty for his 18th birthday. I went with his family to a fancy pants restaurant in Canada and I drove back down to college the next morning. This was, of course, a huge deal at the time. And a whole decade ago (wait, what?).

This year we are back home, which means we get all sorts of family love on our birthdays. Marty's twin brother is back in town after a couple years in Paris and we are happy to be all in the same place. We made homemade sushi on the floating home that Sam and his girlfriend are renting on Lake Union, drank local beer, and played a new game. And of course ate The Carrot Cake. I even made Marty's mom tell their birth story, which I am sure the boys really enjoyed.

Happy birthday to my rockstar of a husband. We are the same age for exactly 8 days (and that is neat)

Now, on to my birthday week!


Your Friday Feelgoods -

Batkid in San Fran

MY mom is the best

I am craving watching the sound of music, but not with a grump

I don't have kids but this is funny.

Now these are some cats I like.


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