Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Life at Week 28

Dear Baby,

Its the beginning of the third trimester. We are two-thirds there! Every day, I wonder what you will be like. We are adding you to the family, who you are will change and guide our lives. Three months seems like a crazy long time and I can't waitwaitwait, but we also have a lot of things to do before you get here. For now, I am happy you are safely tucked away in my belly. When your dad comes home after a long day of work, he pats my belly almost secretly, and says "how are both of you today?". I see you moving around, your little kicks catch my eye when my tummy moves back and forth suddenly. In the morning before I have eaten its all hungry hungry hippos in there. This week I met a new friend for you, baby Parker. I held her, and your papa held her, and we both thought about you. This morning I went to a coffee shop and drank my coffee in the sunlight, my favorite thing. One day I will take you with me and we will share a cinnamon roll and squinty-eyed smiles, and let the hot sun freeze us in a moment of gratitude.

Til then,

This week I am...

looking forward to seeing my sister in a few months
working on a craft project for above the crib
hoping there are fun new people in our birth class we start next week
praying for a good bill of health at the midwife tomorrow
excited to hear the tub-thub-thub of the heartbeat tomorrow
eating cantaloupe, drinking lemonade, and sneaking donuts like its my job
reading this article with now twice the interest (wink wink)
enjoying a random 80 degree day in seattle
missing marty while he is at work
dreaming of lazy summer picnics near the water
contemplating this quote
thankful for a weekend with an old friend, and her new baby girl. Twinsies!

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