Friday, May 30, 2014

Memorial Day + 32 weeks

Memorial day weekend was hectic for us! My mom and her neighbor threw me a big baby shower which was such a treat. There were lots of my mom's friends, including some who knew me when I was just a baby. We had a nice lunch, played a game, and just chatted. It was a fun and relaxing shower and I am flattered by all the well wishes for this next new stage! In other big news, I got my hair cut for the first time in a year, so my hair will never look this curly again.

On Sunday, Marty participated in Ski to Sea, a big relay race that takes place every year in our hometown. It is an 8-person, 7-leg relay that covers about 100 miles. Marty did the canoe with our good friend Kevin. 19 miles in the rain! This event is right up my alley - traditions, new and old friends, lots of food and cheering. 

The team was mostly friends from high school with a few new recruits. We had a big after party, where we all played hot potato with Meg's new daughter Parker. 

The next day we took my cousins out for a boat ride in the grey weather that is traditional for Memorial Day. Marty took a nice long nap on the boat to recoup. 
What a fun (whirlwind!) weekend!


Dear Baby,

What's up in there? Oh how I wish there was an "everything is okay" button on my belly so I knew you were a-okay in there. I know, I know, roll your eyes at your already protective mom. You are getting bigger and bigger and taking longer and longer naps, which makes me nervous when I don't feel you kick/move/shake your groove thang every so often. We are puzzling over what you will be like. During our ultrasound it took you a very long time to open your legs so we thought you would be a nun. Now you just LOVE to shake your tush in there so now I am thinking you are going to be more like Beyonce. Wherever you are along that spectrum, we will love you. During yoga yesterday the teacher read Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou and I thought about you, and me, and your grandmas, and your aunties. They are sure a bunch of phenoms. Two more months!


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