Friday, May 16, 2014

High Five for Friday! + a letter

Hey Friday!

You sure are lookin good. Time is speeding up, that's for sure. People always say pregnancy goes by fast, but I haven't really experienced that til these last couple weeks. Wait, its May? Do you know what comes after that? June. Then JULY. Here are five things I am happy about this friday.

1. I am happy and healthy at 30 weeks. That means there are only NINE more mondays til the due date. Things are gettin real.
2. We are taking a birth class which has already taught us so much in just the first couple weeks. Marty has now sat through two birth videos and was only mildly traumatized. They did reinforce his insistence that he is to be no where near the 'business end' of the birth. And that's okay with me.
3. We are finally starting to get some painting of furniture and rearranging done in our little place. We have a small two bedroom, and the second bedroom which was once our guest room/ store room/ office/marty's man cave will now be all that plus housing a baby. Except maybe Marty doesn't have a man cave.

4. Its been nice and hot here! In the northwest, you wait 8 months for a few months of just blissful weather. I love living somewhere you can open the windows and go outside in the summer, rather than having to shut yourself in an air conditioned room. Ah, its good to be back.
5. I went for a nice long walk with a friend who I haven't seen in a while and who is moving away, a skype date with some old pals, and a phone call with a college roommate. It feels so good to reconnect with important people from the past.

Hey there baby,

How's it going in there? You are getting big enough to bum rush one side of my belly. All of a sudden my tummy gets real flat on one side and huge on the other. I felt your hand (or was it a foot?) from the outside this week for the first time. High five, baby, good work growing. This week I thought a lot about all of the little life tricks that we get to teach you. For example, the redemptive power of a baked good. Did you enjoy that danish on Tuesday? I sure did. We will teach you all sorts of things to cheer you up and chill you out. Your dad will probably tell you about playing soccer, and your grandma will teach you about literally taking the time to stop and smell the flowers. I am so thankful that you will have so many life gurus surrounding you (and us!). Only 10 more weeks!!


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  1. I haven't checked in in awhile -- it's so good to see how wonderfully you are growing! And prepping for the big 'B'!!! So excited for you and your growing fam!