Sunday, April 29, 2012

Recently, again

Recently Stuffed

We went to a national touring food competition. The Brooklyn Brewery goes around the country, finds out what the "thing" is to eat, and then makes it into a big competition. 
Here in NC it was PORK which most interpreted as BACON.
Specifically the cook who made BACON WRAPPED BACON.

Recently Romantic

We went out on a date to a great Asian fusion place in Chapel Hill, JuJuBe. 
We thought we looked modern (at least that is what Marty told himself about his cutting edge t-shirt and jeans look), and took a picture with our model faces. 

Recently Baffled

North Carolina is attempting to pass Amendment One, which would change the state constitution to make marriage between a man and a woman. There is already no marriage equality here in NC, so it is 100% a political ploy with unknown ramifications that impact all sorts of couples. I am simply baffled at the efforts of some to layer prejudice on top of prejudice. 

Recently Acquainted

We went on a nice hike at the Eno River State Park. We met Mrs. Frog and Mr. Turtle there (along with Mr. Snake but I ran away before I could take a picture). It is a nice hike. We had a good discussion about if the pamphlet describing the trail as having a "long, strenuous 250ft change in elevation" was being sarcastic or not. As people from states with actual mountains, we couldn't be sure.

Recently In-Training

I signed up to run the Bolder Boulder 10k during my trip to Denver next month. Getting back in to running is annoyingly slow. Also doesn't help that I am training on flat ground at sea-level, two things that the course in Boulder will certainly not be. 

Recently Hosted

We had the absolute privilege of having Kennedy, a staff member of Carolina for Kibera over 
to our house. It was his first time out of East Africa and it was a great evening. The highlight was Marty explaining ice hockey to him. Particularly how they actually encourage fighting. Also that we some how ended up watching Lawrence Welk Show for an hour. It was great to be able to host him after all the staff were so kind to me last summer. He was so impressed with how quiet our apartment was. Yes, it is certainly not as loud as a large urban slum. Put's that bloody dog from upstairs in perspective.
E Street Cinema Presents Without a Fight

Kennedy is here to promote a documentary about the soccer programs at CFK. 
You can read about the documentary here.

And even better yet, if you live here in Chapel Hill come and see it in person!
At the Varsity Theater on May 8 at 7pm.  

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