Monday, April 30, 2012

A J-O-B!

Today I received an e-mail telling me that I didn't get a job I applied for over three months ago.

I thought to myself "Thanks for the heads up" and rolled my eyes with near audible sarcasm.

But then I thought about all the people who are looking for jobs and have to put up with that amount of uncertainty and I felt very, very thankful for mine. I didn't expect to have a job so quickly after graduation.

I was talking with someone yesterday about my high school job.This person surprised me by telling me she had never had a 'crap high school job'. And I began to wonder if that is something that still happens. Everyone has one right? That job that now that we are ten-years removed we can compare the absurdity levels? These are war stories we like to out do each other with. Kind of like "crazy-freshmen-roommate-" tales.

My crap-high-school-job? Working on the quality control assembly line at a backpack factory. I worked hard, saved up for my first international trip (China), and learned to keep my head down and shut my never ceasing teenage girl gossipping pie hole.

But I have experienced being under-employed as well. Here's a confession: I worked at two gyms over two years selling gym memberships after I paid to go to a four-year school and get a fantastic education.

I used to be shy about telling my new friends (especially, uh, the Dukies) that I spent time between grad school and undergrad working at a gym (among many other things). And not at a consulting firm. Or at an international aid agency. Or working on a presidential campaign.

But I am not shy about it now. It is what it is. I did what I had to do to help keep us going.

So here's to those out there trying to find a job, or a better job, or another job.

And remember, as I learned, jobs don't come to those who sit around watching six seasons of Grey's Anatomy in a month. Limit yourself to two episodes a day. Oh, and try Alias. I love me some Alias, though it didn't do much towards getting me a job. Vaughn saved me from many an under-employed low.

Those eyes can soothe all sorts of pain, but won't put money in the bank.

So good luck on the hunt.

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