Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The World is Real Small

Before I went here....

We went here!

Houston Rodeo

Here's a funny story about how the world is real small.

Back in Washington state, I played the cello growing up. Starting at age 10 and going through my first year of University. I played in the local youth symphony and went to band symphony camp every summer for seven years. Yup, I was that kid. I was also the kid that threw myself into camp. We had real cool friends for all seven years and threw epic teenage fits at the end of the week while being dragged into our mothers' minivans (or was that just me?). We bonded over Beethoven and crushes on oboe and trombone players, complained about the over eager violin player (there was always one), and pulled the mattresses out from our bunks to watch the stars and talk about what our adult lives would hold. We thrived during the one week a year WE were the cool kids (okay, that one is probably just me).

 We saw some of each other outside of camp, but not much.

When we all graduated from high school we said our good-byes and went our own ways. Without camp to hold us together, we doubted we would see each other ever again.

Fast forward seven years.

I was at my first day of my second job in North Carolina when I saw someone across the gym where I was working. Do you ever see people so out of context that you don't recognize each other? I saw her, she saw me, and we had an awkward moment of "is it you? no, it can't be". But it was. My good friend Sydney from camp had just moved to North Carolina to be with her soon-to-be husband who was in Law School at UNC.

What luck! It was a time when I was lonely and she was totally an answer to prayers. And even better!  Husband liked her soon-to-be husband!

One thing led to another and for 18 blissful months we had a great couple friends to hang out with. That was until the big-bad-place that is Texas stole them away for "graduate school". (Psshaw, grad school is so overrated. COME BACK!)

So that is where we were headed the day after I got told on a Thursday I would be going to Rwanda on a Monday (remember that?). It was a great weekend in Houston. It is so rejuvenating to be with old friends. It was definetly a lesson in living in the moment but we had a fab time. Miss them big time.

We went to the Houston Rodeo and saw baby animals (like hours old)

And ate fried catfish for breakfast at the local joint that has a reserved table for Beyonce.


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