Friday, April 20, 2012

Reasons why my hometown is the best: Numbers 6, 32, 102, and 197

We just bought tickets for a week home. And we couldn't be more excited.

Why? Because my hometown is the best (for other reasons see this).

Here are some other reasons...

6. Our Wedding Place

We got married in our hometown on a beautiful day in July. I prayed every day from the day I got engaged to the day we walked down the aisle for no rain. Didn't matter to me if it was gray, that's not a problem. I just wanted no rain.

It was 78 and sunny on my wedding day. 52 and rainy the next day.

I love going back to that place and remembering all of our favorite people gathering in our favorite place. It was a heck of a day, and a heck of a party.

32. Its not humid

And the south is. It so so is. Gross. When we came out to NC to find an apartment and asked the staff if they had air-conditioning, they laughed in our faces. New to the world of 'climate control' (something that the people here take very seriously), we didn't know that we might as well asked if they had toilets in the apartment.

102. Boomers

This is perhaps my husband's favorite place on earth. A diner that serves burgers, waffle fries, and milkshakes. I have been going here since I can remember, at first ordering the kids meal that came in a paper car. It really hasn't changed much since I graduated to my own fresh banana milkshake and boomer burger. There really isn't anything quite like it.

2006 in front of the iconic burger painted on the wall

197. The ocean

I love the ocean and my hometown is right on it. Okay, it is technically on the sound, but its still the ocean. I love being in it, on it, near it. I love to eat things from the ocean. Most of my best memories took place next to the ocean. I plan on spending the week near the water. Even better, our parents now have new toys that will increase the awesomeness of this trip - a new boat and a new cabin on an island.

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  1. :) oh boomers. so gooood.

    i miss the sound everyday too. loved this post!