Friday, August 10, 2012

Feel Good Friday: Ryan Seacrest Edition

Yes, you read that right.

I have found this week's source of inspiration in the most unlikely (aka why the heck did they hire his guy?) source.

This week I heard Sir Seacrest interviewing Ryan Lochte, you know, the guy with the sweet grill that also happens to be an olympic swimmer?

Sir Seacrest says that when he saw Ryan after winning a race all pumped up and jazzed, he thought to himself

How STOKED is that guy to be that guy? 

And I thought to myself, wouldn't that be awesome if that is what people thought when they saw me? Not in a cocky, self-assured over the top kinda way, but in a content, happy, and confident kinda way.

Happy to be in the place I am in.

To be in the body I am in, 

To have the talents I have. 

(Admittedly, this is tough, right? Only Olympic gold medalists with sweet grills can exude that kind of positivity. No ones going to see me choosing multivitamins at Target and think "Dang, that girl is stoked to be her!"  But luckily, I am a fake it til you make it kinda kid).

But let's try it out and be like Ryan Lochte and find some reason to be contagiously positive. Or like McKayla Maroney and wow the heck out of those that see us. Check out that judge behind her.

By the way, does anyone know where to get that diamond encrusted grill?  Or a bedazzeled leotard? 

Cuz I would be stoked to be me wearing one (or both!?!) of those, for sure.

Happy Friday!

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