Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A week at home

A few weeks back we went home for a week. The good news about being high school sweethearts is that there is really only one place you are going to go. But it certainly makes it a hectic week having two families around, not to mention all the other rad people who we know there.

It was a great week, full of good pacific northwesty things, a high of 72 most days, and a good time with the family. We are so lucky our families like each other enough to spend 36 hours on an island together.

Look at all the fun things we did together! (Why else did you come to this blog?)

Ate at a real good restaurant!

Got captured by the SeaFair pirates!

Supervised the BBQ!

Caught up with old friends!


Hiked Fragrance Lake with Brother Sam!

Drank Sangria outside with Sister Zan!

 Visited the scene of the crime!

 Checked up on Canada! (Behind Holly and I)

 Went to the Seattle Sounders vs. Chelsea game!

Went crabbing with Papa Jim and ate a crazy amount of it!

 Spent the night in the newly crafted cabin with the whole fam damily!!

Got Island Hair!

 Went through an espresso stand with Besty!!

Played with the puppy!

Soaked up the sun! (Yes, the sun!)

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