Saturday, August 11, 2012

Packing Plan

I am packing for another long stay overseas. This time for six weeks in Honduras. Okay, its really five and a half weeks but I figure if I keep saying six I will be pleasantly surprised when the day comes.

Last time, I had less than a day to pack. This time, I am going back to my routine and doing the job right. Here are things I can't forget to do or bring.

1. Bring a washcloth. Especially in the places I travel, there are very rarely washcloths, even in the hotels. I bring two - one for my face, one for the rest. When I am somewhere that is really dusty, it becomes one for my feet and one for the rest.

2. Pack Chocolate. I always bring it because you can never know when you will have access to a grocery store, let alone a store that sells good chocolate. And some days, well you know, you just have to have it.

3. Call the bank for every one of my cards and tell them I am going out of country. I have forgotten to do this in the past and the bank has shut off my account after the first swipe. This can be a huge nightmare abroad.

4. Arrange a ride from the airport when getting into town. Getting a taxi from the airport is always "an experience". I am not looking to have "an experience" 10 minutes into getting into the country. Better save that for when I am not with all my crap and am a little less sleep deprived.

5. Eat a whole lot of fruit and veggies and things you can't have abroad. In my case, this usually means baking them into something yummy.

6. Put my valuables somewhere in my house and tell Marty where I put them for when I inevitably forget upon returning.

7. Leave my water bottle at home. Yeah, I know, its not very green to drink from plastic water bottles for extended amounts of time. But I have tried to bring my own water bottle and the problem becomes that they get gross real quick and sometimes you can't properly clean the water bottle and so you have to ditch it one week in anyway.

8. Go to the used book store to buy some books. Nothing too heavy (physically or content wise). I like to leave my books at the lending libraries at the places I stay. Sometimes you are so happy the traveler before you left their Nicholas Sparks Dostoevsky when you need a break.

9. Do not plan anything for the 24 hours before I leave. Like, nothing. Because no matter how long you have been planning, something will inevitably come up.

10. Pack those melatonin feel good pills from Whole Foods to keep me relaxed on one of the scariest plane landings on the planet into Tegucigalpa. It even scared Lauren Bush, and you know she's seen some scary stuff (her dad was W, after all).

11. Assure all my peeps that I am not going to Mars, I am going to Honduras where there is (most of the time) internet, power, and food.

But if I did go to Mars, how sweet is that view back home?? (Earth is the bottom sphere, on top are Jupiter and Venus)

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