Sunday, March 10, 2013

Resolution Sunday: Go team go!

There is nothing quite like cheering on your team at a live sporting event, am I right? I am by no means a sports fanatic but perhaps I am a fan fanatic. I love cheering, groaning, and yelling with strangers around you that almost seem like instant friends just cuz they are wearing the same color t-shirt as you. Yesterday we went to watch the Hurricanes, our local NHL team. We started out with some good tailgating - because in the south you tailgate before every event - even one based on ice. And even in March. 

After the Hurricanes game we rushed home to watch the Heels vs. the Blue Devils. If I have to tell you which sport, then, well, you obviously don't live within 100 miles of here. They are perhaps the best rivalry in sports. I don't really want to talk about the game (heels got dominated got an A for effort) but I loved cheering, even if it was to a television. Here is to having an excuse to yell "rock me like a hurricane" at the top of your lungs for two hours without anyone taking notice!

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