Sunday, March 3, 2013

Resolution Sunday: Peaceful Elections

My friends in Kenya are on the eve of a presidential election. The first after a new constitution and the first after the last election left thousands dead as ethnic violence broke out. This Sunday I am thankful that we have peaceful elections here in the states. Our elections may be tedious, annoying, aggravating, and disheartening but unlike people in other countries, we do not fear for our lives or for the lives of our loved ones. We may fear that we will lose our sanity, but we do not fear that we will lose our lives.

Tonight I am praying for my Kenyan friends and for those who live in countries all over the world who are not as free and secure as we are.

(As a political sidebar... the sequester has the potential to drastically change the immediate future for both myself and my husband, as we pursue careers in international development and cancer research. Two areas that will almost certainly be impacted. If someone is telling you that the sequester does not have an impact - send them my way.)

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